For installation instructions see the Section called Installing Inetutils-1.4.2 in Chapter 6.

Official Download Location

Inetutils (1.4.2):

Contents of Inetutils

The Inetutils package contains network clients and servers.

Installed programs: ftp, ping, rcp, rlogin, rsh, talk, telnet and tftp

Short descriptions

ftp is the ARPANET file transfer program.

ping sends echo-request packets and reports how long the replies take.

rcp does remote file copy.

rlogin does remote login.

rsh runs a remote shell.

talk is used to chat up another user.

telnet is an interface to the TELNET protocol.

tftp is a trivial file transfer program.

Inetutils Installation Dependencies

Inetutils depends on: Bash, Binutils, Coreutils, Diffutils, GCC, Glibc, Grep, Make, Ncurses, Sed.